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Tow Truck Services Near Edmonton

Milestone Towing has been answering the calls for recovery, towing, and roadside assistance for many years now. Being a reliable and trustworthy company, we have satisfied a range of clients with their truck towing and recovery needs all over Edmonton and surrounding areas. We rely only on the most experienced tow truck drivers to get the job done and we make use of state of the art equipment for efficient results. Client satisfaction and safety is our top priority and we never compromise on either of them. If you are looking for a Tow Truck Near Edmonton, we urge you to give us a call and you won’t be disappointed with our professionalism; that’s our promise!.


Milestone Towing has been serving a wide ranging needs of people all over Edmonton. We provide nothing but the best roadside assistance and tow truck services Edmonton for the trucks and heavy duty vehicles of every size. Whether you need recovery of your truck, easy scrap removal, or heavy duty tow truck services, we have done it all and more! The reason we have been able to distinguish ourselves is our ability to adapt to the wide ranging needs of our customers. Whatever your requirements and time restrictions are, we work with you to get the job done just the way you want it.

The Best in the Business Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing requires experienced drivers, latest equipment, and state of the art machinery for a successful tow operation. Therefore, we have gathered a team of highly skilled tow truck drivers who have years of experience in serving the varying needs of customers all over Edmonton and Western Canada. The equipment and fleet of trucks we utilize is continuously updated, professionally maintained, and carefully serviced for delivering top quality tow truck services Edmonton to our clients. Being up to date with the latest technology, we are able to meet the most challenging towing needs of today. Doesn’t matter what you throw at us, we will be able to tow it just the way you want.

Milestone Towing aims to serve our respected clients to the fullest by offering emergency and short notice tow truck services to save the day. We are available 24/7, every day of the week; so wherever and whenever you need us, we will be right there for you. We are fully insured, safe, secure, and quick to respond. With a helping hand from the highly skilled and friendly drivers, we have been able to deliver nothing but the best tow truck near Edmonton services to our clients. Our prices for towing trucks and heavy duty vehicles are quite affordable so you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket in order to get what you need. If you are looking for a professional and reliable tow truck company to take care of all your needs, give Milestone Towing a call today and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed by the level of professionalism and responsiveness we bring to the table.


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